Sports Massage

Sports massage assists in relieving muscle pain arising from sporting injuries or from constriction as a result of stress. It helps to achieve greater flexibility, blood flow and joint mobilisation. Sports massages are appropriate before, during or after athletic activities, as well as during pre-season and off-season training.

Sports massage can reduce muscle tightness, promote flexibility, alleviate fatigue and help prevent injuries. Our trained therapists can identify anomalies in your muscles and apply the right techniques to soothe pain and relieve tension. Typically, a Sports massage will focus on your specific pain-points, rather than the whole body. Whether it’s a frozen shoulder or a pulled hamstring, our specialists will ensure the right program is designed for you and will help you integrate treatment into your schedule!

Sports massage can address the needs not only of athletes, but others with chronic pain. Whether you cycle to work in Malvern, spend your lunch times jogging around Mulgrave, or tear it up on the dance floor in Brunswick on Friday nights, our therapists in Melbourne are confident you will feel the benefits!

Although getting a Sports massage is recommended before or after you exercise, there are times when you just need to skip it all together to avoid health problems. Please avoid a Sports massage if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • High temperature
  • Acute traumas such as open wounds, sprained ligaments, and muscle tears
  • Adverse reactions to massage treatments
  • Tumours
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Skin diseases
  • Diseased blood vessels

If you are unsure of whether massage is suitable for you, please consult your doctor. When you do book with us, please remember to detail past and present injuries to our therapist before your massage.

  • Stay well hydrated – drink plenty of water before and after your massage
  • Have a shower – this will help to relax your muscles before your massage
  • Avoid eating – eating immediately before may cause bloating and discomfort
  • Let us know – If you have any existing allergies or injuries please tell our therapist beforehand
  • Speak up – although our therapists are experienced professionals, they are not mind readers. Help them to help you!
  • Make it a part of your routine – regular massages can help you to keep relaxed both mentally and physically and can lower the risk of muscular injury.
  • Exercise – if you plan to exercise on the day of your remedial massage, Remedial massage, do so beforehand, not afterwards. Working out after a Remedial massage may cause further stress and strain to the muscles. We recommend taking it easy for 24 hours.
  • Skip coffee – Remedial massage can be dehydrating. Avoid having coffee immediately after you massage to not risk dehydration. Drinking coffee post-massage can also tense the muscles that have just been relaxed. Opt for herbal tea, or more water.